Friday, 23 March 2018

Quick update

I had a dental crown fitted today. The NHS being what it is, it's a metal one. Not even gold these days! Some sort of something-chromium alloy, I think. Still, I'm not too bothered. It's a back tooth, so you can't even see it unless I open my mouth wide. Also, metal crowns are strong and so this takes away some of my fear that I'll break the thing. Today's final fitting was simple – I didn't even need anaesthetic – and I am now one crown heavier and £244.30 lighter. :P

All the above has nothing to do with the MLP fandom, but I thought I should write about it sometime, since it explains why I've had little time for this place for a few days – and also since from tomorrow onwards things may become rather busier! What does have to do with the fandom is that I intend to continue posting episode reviews, and if international scheduling doesn't mess us all about too much, I'll also bring back Text Review Roundup, which I rather like doing.

Writing update: The Danger Within has also suffered a bit due to my other escapades, but I'm making sure I do something with it every day, so expect chapter 5 by the end of this month. I also put in a non-competing piece for this month's Flashfic 150. The feedback I've had so far tells me two things: the bad one is that avoiding being too obvious can go too far the other way, and the good one is that I can get characterisation right sometimes.

Wednesday, 21 March 2018

Ponyfic Roundup 196: Seaweed, Moss or Kelp

I'll never really understand the obsession with St Patrick's Day among people with absolutely no link to Ireland. It's a break from Lent, but how many people observe that in 2018 anyway? It's not just an American thing, either. I mean, I have Welsh ancestry (and so support Wales at rugby union), but nobody organises massive street parties for St David's Day and GOG doesn't put on St David's Day sales with cartoons of leeks. It's odd. Also, I don't like Guinness. :P

Read it Later story count: 342 (-2)

At long last, I'm actually reviewing a story I've wanted to read for ages! Since it has a short prequel, I'm also reviewing that. Four stories this week, and there would have been five had I not spent a fair amount of time shovelling snow. It's the second half of March; can we stop this, Nature? Thanks. Anyway, here are the four stories that did get read:

To My Princess, on the Day of Her Departure by D G D Davidson
Love on the Reef by D G D Davidson
Watch! Watch! by horizon
Fluttershy Hugs a Chicken by Elusive Phoenix

★: 0 | ★★: 2 | ★★★: 0 | ★★★★: 1 | ★★★★★: 1

Tuesday, 20 March 2018

Griffish Isles: tickets now on sale; Elley-Ray announced

Two significant pieces of news from the Griffish Isles convention. First, tickets are now on sale. The pop-up that appears when you click the green "TICKETS" link suggests that Sponsor tickets will be withdrawn from sale on 5 May, a fortnight before the convention, whereas the standard-tier Pony and Foal tickets will remain available until 18 May, the day before the con begins.

Also, the con has announced a show guest! This is Elley-Ray, the voice of Mistmane, as she announced on her own Twitter. Quite a coup for a brand new convention outside North America to get a show guest, so colour me impressed.

Monday, 19 March 2018

PMV: The Journey Thus Far

 ( Text link )

I saw this on EqD earlier and liked it so much that I wanted to feature it here. This PMV by Cole Donnerstag is an eight-minute celebration of the first seven seasons of Friendship is Magic, and one that very firmly places our equine friends in the role of heroes. You couldn't watch this and think they were just any old ponies. It's an old-fashioned PMV in its lack of flashy effects, but I think that makes it stronger. There are no S8 spoilers, so if you've seen to the end of S7 you'll be good to go. Donnerstag is not well known (only 40 subscribers at the time of writing) but that may now change.

Sunday, 18 March 2018

I Aten't Dead

The lack of updates doesn't mean anything terrible. I've just had a great deal to do lately. I spent nearly all of Friday and Saturday at the local steam railway's spring gala, for a start. (Well, I say "spring", and on Friday it did feel that way, but it snowed quite a bit yesterday.) I'll be back to posting Pony soon, and I certainly intend to resume episode reviews when the time comes.

Thursday, 15 March 2018

UK PonyCon 2018 dates announced!

It's all systems go! UK PonyCon has officially confirmed that the 2018 iteration of the convention will be held on the weekend of...

13 and 14 October

This is earlier in the month than in 2017, but only by just over a week. Interestingly, that means the event isn't coinciding with the school half-term holiday this time, at least not in most of the UK. (There are exceptions.)

On the page I linked to at the top, con comms lead Irish O'Conner also states that the venue (a crucial factor for many) should be confirmed in the next couple of weeks and that ticket sales are planned for April.

So, just under seven months to go. Things have suddenly jumped closer!

Wednesday, 14 March 2018

Ponyfic Roundup 195: Chris edition

UK PonyCon will be 13/14 October. More on that in the next day or two.

I don't think I've ever done an edition of PR with all the stories reviewed being by the same author, but there's a first time for everything. In tribute to the contribution the recently-retired-from-OMPR Chris has made to the world of ponyfic, I'm looking at five of his works today. I was a little constrained in my choice as I've previously covered several of his 15 stories (and the minific anthology Bantam Tales isn't eligible anyway), but I managed to find five that looked interesting.

Read it Later story count: 344 (+3)

I know it looks a little bit silly to put "by Chris" on the end of every title line, but if I don't do that then I'm almost certain to mess up the formatting (more than I usually do) when I go back to my more usual mixed bag next week! Also, Chris seems to like starting his story titles with the word "The".

Letters from a Senior to a Junior Changeling by Chris
The Showmare's Tale by Chris
The Sweetest Water by Chris
The Fall of Discord by Chris
The Purloined Pony by Chris

★: 0 | ★★: 1 | ★★★: 2 | ★★★★: 2 | ★★★★★: 0